Stop 5 - Sofles' 'Graffiti Mapped' (White Night Mural)

Our last stop is a bit further away from the first four pieces, but makes up for it in size, technique, execution and creativeness. This enormous mural (a full wall of Mackenzie Street’s multi-level car park) was part of a project by Juddy Roller, in association with Melbourne’s ‘White Night’, and is an exploration into barrier breaking , interactive street art called, ‘Graffiti Mapped.’ Using digital projection technology, Sofles and his team, for only one night, brought this mural to life with an amazing light show and music by New Zealand producer, Opiuo. I was there that night and it was incredible, if you have a chance, watch the video at:

Interestingly, Sofles did not paint the entire wall, leaving multiple tags in place and colourful paint sprayed by fire extinguishers (the work of Ash Keating). Unfortunately, paint has now been poured down the front of the woman’s face. Is this an act of indistinct vandalism? Or perhaps it is graffiti artist who does not believe Sofles should have such a large ownership of this wall.

Sofles has made a living combining videography and graffiti, pushing the boundaries of street art further. This highlights how street art has become a growing commodity to be consumed by the public. Graffiti writers are up against an onslaught of interest in grand new forms of street art, murals that dwarf lonesome tags and that have transformed Melbourne into a growing urban art gallery. See another of Sofles’ incredible videos ‘LIMITLESS’ here: