Stop 3- Hosier Lane

The third stop is found near Federation Square and is well known for its urban art. Here you will witness some of the most extensive yet intricate street art pieces and - if you're lucky - possibly even the street artists themselves in the process of spray painting.

A series of posters can be found near the top of the buildings with simple sayings such as the first two photos. These sayings come with a heavy dose of sarcasm and disdain towards particular aspects of society. Street art - which, since it first took off, has always walked the thin line between art and vandalism - is intrinsically counter-cultural. More recently, however, having gained more appreciation and acceptance, it has betrayed its counter-cultural roots and flirted with the mainstream - going even so far as to aid commercial advertising. These posters condemn the erosion of the original purpose of street art. The first poster simply illustrates the lack of a meaningful idea or motive behind art being created, rendering it vapid and shallow. The second puts emphasis on society's relentless self-monitoring and policing, how this is a hinderance to activities like street art (which are not as widely approved), and how it is stunting the growth of society.

The last picture is a typical depiction of an individual, caged by social constructs; the inner turmoil and wrath generatd by the conflict between external pressure to adhere to social norms (i.e. the need for acceptance) and internal desire to express oneself freely is clearly visible from the subject's languished expression.