Stop 4- Rutledge Lane

The fourth lane is connected to the previous one and offers many more insightful and fascinating pieces.

You will first come across a seemingly branded wallet stuck to the ledge. A closer look will reveal the word ‘fake’ sticthed onto it. An idea commonly espoused by counterculture is rejection of consummerism and an objection to the neverending acquisition of material goods, especially luxuries. In mainstream society, such goods are obtained with the aim of forming a favorable image and impression, and of inducing ephemeral self-gratification. The word inscribed onto the wallet shows the sheer disdain that the artist has for this kind of superficial culture and is stating to observers that these products actually stand for nothing. This provides great contrast to other forms of street art that serve to advertise goods due to mainstream influence.

In the second photo you will observe a faceless human in a surrendered position with strings attached to his or her limbs. A popular intrepretation of such a painting would be the idea that humans are used puppets dancing to the expectations of mainstream society; there is no form of self-identity as seen by the lack of a face. In this way, counterculture in street art probes observers to snap out of the purposeless lives they might lead and march to the beat of their own drum. Have these pieces managed to convince you?