Brunswick St

Kicking off the tour is Brunswick St, while on a first appearance level it can appear to be the Mecca of the hipster (not that that is necessarily a bad thing) once you look around you will notice a vast network of laneways coated in graffiti. Accompanying the graffiti is a vibrant and rich culture and thriving nightlife. Brunswick St has everything from art galleries to vintage clothes stores and is the cultural art hub of Australia for new songs and creations. Stop in a cafe and watch the hipsters and wanna-be designers traverse the art galleries and vintage clothes stores accompanied by the cacophony of sounds created by the incredibly busy street. This itself is a form of street art completely situational for in that moment you yourself are part of the scene immersed in the image that is Brunswick st.

Make sure to explore each area including alleys before continuing.

Next we will follow the route 11 tram down Brunswick st and head towards North Fitzroy. Cross Alexandria Parade untill you reach a large park this is Edinburgh Gardens.