North Fitzroy

From the bowls club you see an image that i would like to emphasis to those on this tour as whenever I think of this area I see that image as it has survived the test of time and has been there for a long time. Being the Monkey and its babies.

North Fitzroy is renowned for its forward thinking and environmentally conscious inhabitants. Thus creating a suburb which in itself is a large piece of street art. This is due to how these people react to anything from solar panels to chain stores. Speaking of chain stores as you look around and travel down St Georges Road do you see any.
The closest thing to a chain store is the post office and Piedmonties (despite being a part of the IGA chain it is considered a separate identity due to the length of time it has been there. Thus the area is free run mostly by small business' giving it a very community orientated feel often lost in today's unfamiliar society Traditional street art is exhibited on the walls and in the alleys featuring throw ups, paste ups, murals, tags and other types displaying the creative flair of the inner north.

Head out of North Fitzroy along St Georges Road until you cross the Merri Creek (The only bridge around) then cross the intersection heading towards the Pub pass with it on your right down the street and keep heading past Merri station until you reach Westgarth.