Stop 4: Bullens Lane

The next stop is a crowded wall on another busy street corner, this time at Bullens Lane. Similar to the first Invader, this work is in a highly frequented area, however it appears to have suffered significantly less damage. This could possibly be due to its higher placement or the “wave" in which it was installed.

Alternatively, it could also be that it is somewhat more respected by other street artists (who interact most closely with the wall), although this may also not be true at all, as many people in recent years are known to remove tiles as souvenirs or to sell, or simply remove or work over the Invaders.

This Invader appears to blend into its surroundings much more than the other works, due to the red brick behind it and the dull white paste-ups surrounding it. Worth noting is that this Invader isn’t resting on anything as many others appear to be, which can give the impression that it is somewhat lost. Due to the amount of chaos surrounding the Space Invader, with decaying paste ups, it appears to almost be ‘glitching’ in the space it is invading.