An Adult's Game of Hide and Seek

This tour is intended to be an adult’s game of hide and seek with the characters of street art in an adult’s playground, the city. The hustle and bustle of the city tends to take you away from enjoying the simplest of things like street art. You power walk past things hidden in corners and look past the sculptures on the floor because you are less aware of your surroundings. You are more focused on the destination rather than the journey. This tour will let your eyes wonder over the walls and crevices to find treasures in dark, abandoned doorways to the walls of high-­rise buildings.

For my tour, I wanted to tap into the playful side of adults by exploring street art as a game of hide and seek with the street art pieces. Children and childlike figures like cartoons, made up monsters and portraits of children, are common subjects for street artists.

The sense of wonderment and intrigue a child gets when they first come across something that stops them in their tracks are also present in adults but happens less and less because of our busy lifestyles. I’ve included 5 pieces of street art that you may have passed a million times but never stopped to look close enough. There are many street art pieces are hiding in nooks and cranny’s waiting for you to seek them.

Art interacts with the artist’s chosen environment and each piece of street art can invoke a different feeling or response when it is placed in another context. Nostalgia is a common response to the portrayal of children and childlike figures because the images can trigger certain childhood memories.

Take a photograph of the piece when you have found it and write down in your caption any feelings or thoughts, or things you are reminded of from your childhood. Feel free to #StreetArtSeek to make your response public and read other peoples responses to each piece of street art on the walking tour.

Stop 1 - Girl Drinking Peppermint Tea

Seek the girl drinking peppermint teaClue 1: On the corner of Centre place and Flinders laneIt’s always a pleasure stumbling upon hidden street art pieces whilst walking the streets because they are usually easy to miss if you are in a hurry. This…

Stop 2 - Girl Playing with Fire Hydrant

Seek the girl wearing an oriental patterned jacket spraying orange spray paint from a fire hydrant by Be Free Walk to the end of Centre Place before the entrance of the plaza and turn right     Clue 1: Spot the orange spray paint flowing from the…

Stop 3 - Big Ted

Seek the childhood’s best friend, Big Ted by Will Coles @mrwillcolesClue 1: Find the fluffy toy camouflaged in spray paintWalk up Hosier lane and turn into the first alley on your left into Rutledge Lane and stop at the windowpane. This particular…

Stop 4 - Troll, No Love

Seek the Lonely Troll by Barek Walk a little bit further down Rutledge Lane until you stop in front of an abandoned doorway. Clue 1: Look behind the tagging The space in which it has been put up perfectly represents the isolation the artist wants to…

Stop 5 - Indigenous Boy Mural

Seek the Indigenous boy watching over you Clue 1: Walk halfway down hosier lane with your back towards the Ian Potter Museum of Art in Federation Square and look up. This mural painted by Adnate is hard to miss as it completely covers an entire side…