Self-guided Walking Tour in Fitzroy, Melbourne

This page is designed as a self-guided street art walking tour in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Its main purpose is to help general audiences have a broader understanding in the true hidden meanings and motives of different female’s artworks in street art, not the way that it is often reassured as “whatever kind of art female street artists make, it will be labeled feminine or forced into feminism term”.

Following the tour order and instruction, you will have chances to engage with other great artworks in relating with women’s portraits. Although these would not be covered deeply in this walking tour, it is intended to strengthen this tour’s point of view as mentioned above. Additionally, most of the photos were taken by me, under SNB trademarks, as to give you the latest update on the artworks by May, 2015.

Starting Point: Juddy Roller café & Studio in 226a Johnston St, Fitzroy.
Duration: 1 – 2 hours
Tram numbers: taking tram 11 or 112 on Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
Gears: a wide-angle camera lens, waters, and a good quality pair of shoes.

Stop 1 Chapel St/ Johnston St

Welcome to Juddy Roller studios, this space is owned by Artist Shaun Hossack with the ambition of renovating a disused garage into a functional café and an artistic hub. It is also developed in a hope that art enthusiasts and artists could have…

Stop 2 Kerr St/ Brunswick St

In one of the corners of Kerr St, you will find an artwork of a naked woman with an animal’s skull and a metal horn. This is a design of street artist Makatron, which illustrates the evolution or no boundaries concept of humans, nature and…

Stop 3 Rose st/ Spring St

So far you have explored the murals with aerosol and acrylic paints, in this stop you will gain a new insight with other form of street art, the paste-ups. If you could see any black and white portrait that caught floating on the wall or trying to…

Stop 4 Rose st/ Brunswick st

In this stop, you will have the opportunity to experience other beautiful artworks of street artist Deb and Kaffeine. The first artwork you engage with, before crossing the Brunswick St to the other side of Rose St, is another extraordinary design of…

Stop 5 Alexandra parade/ George St

In this last stop, you will see an exterior of the pool wall is covered beautifully by artworks of Kaffeine. These artworks are contributed to Kaffeine first project, which called HEARTCORE book. This book offers audiences an insight into the lives…