The Look Book

Here it is. You've found it, the tour you didn't need, want or ask for, here's the Look Book. Solve the clues within each book to find the following book. Once found you can sign your name, draw a picture or not, whatever you want really. There are 5 books hidden within the CBD and Carlton. If you find all 5 it's your lucky day because you will have found all 5. Happy hunting - your host. #TheLookBook

Book Cover

The exclusive cover of the Look Book. Simplistic and recognizable, if you a set of these eyes staring you down then indeed you've found yourself a look book.

Book 1

"Congratulations here's book number one Now time for some fun It's time to look for this book In the centre of Melbourne You can leave one and take some And still you won't be a crook."

Book 2

"In every cranny and nook I will look for this book And search until I find it Just a pawn not a rook My patience is shook Just as giants who don't look behind it."

Book 3

"In a garden it's told Stands a building of old Who exhibits magnificent features Be daring, be bold And this book may unfold Who knows what boundaries it breaches."

Book 4

"A can void of spray On a house on display Hides this book in plain sight Some might say Do you know Thresherman's cafe If you do then look left and right."

Book 5

"In the room made for waiting There's a book that is stating "There are others like me to seek" No room for debating This place is frustrating Where Uni kids go if their teeth are weak."