Eye Spy in Hosier Lane - Things Other than Paint

Challenge Yourself! This tour down the classic Hosier Lane in Melbourne CBD highlights the gems that you may have missed the first couple times you ventured down the way. We will be focusing on 'Things Other than Paint' and discussing the means and meaning behind works mostly by the artist #GuerillaKindness.

This tour focus specifically on the things that one might miss when taking a stroll down Melbourne’s graffiti ‘hot spot’; Hosier Lane. I know I, until very recently, put the term ‘Street Art’ in a box which was only made up of two words: spray paint. Little did I know that there is so much more to it than that, artists explore so many different mediums, sometimes it is hard to tell between art and junk. From old materials that have been cast aside as rubbish plastered and nailed onto walls, to wrapping wool around poles, to creating highly intricate and detailed cement molds of what look like ordinary items, the possibilities are endless and all you need to do is know to look for them. Once you see one, I promise you’ll see them everywhere you look.

Some known artists of this type of art include;

Junky –“Essentially I create sentinels from junk and install them in strategic positions around the place to help remind passers by that if they continue to create so much waste in their lives one day it may come back to haunt them.” (http://junkyprojects.weebly.com)

And #GurillaKindness which “was a series of workshops run at Signal Working with Artists Junky Projects, Casey Jenkins, Will Coles and Sayraphim Lothian, young people explored the city as a playground for art in the public space. Using traditional guerilla tactics to create and install art-gifts throughout the CBD in the kindest possible way.” (https://www.facebook.com/events/1698076947086564/)

Something Near Your Shoes

Now look down, right at your feet, and what do you see? A shoe? Yes, how strange... But take a closer look... What is it made out of? Curious.... This here is a cement mold piece of a shoe, a boot to be specific and when you look even closer…

Something on the Wall

Now isn’t that strange… Who here would have spotted or taken notice of this if I hadn’t pointed it out? No one… That’s what I thought! This piece coupled with its small size and excellent camouflage ability (thanks to some other more conventional…

Something on a Ledge

Who actually thought this was real? I know I did when I first found it… actually tried to pick it up. But it is very much made of cement and glued to the wall. It is interesting that this work, compared to the first piece we saw, has not been covered…

Something from Alice in Wonderland

Who here has seen ‘Alice in Wonderland’? This might look familiar to you then. This again is a work, which has been molded out of cement, and it is quite similar but also quite different from the other ones we have seen previously. Although the…

Something You'd Find in a Bedroom

Doesn’t he look cute – just relaxing on that ledge? Again another cement mold – this time of a cute little teddy. This one, like the first and the third, is not lacking in detail. You can clearly see the softness of his fur, even if you cant feel…

Eye Spy Challenge

Feel like a final Eye Spy Challenge? See if you can find these items in Hosier Lane. GOOD LUCK!