Centre Place

For how many times you will have to see a sticker so you could remember it? The buddha head will help you with finding the answer. After the tour in Hoiser lane, you will want to come down to the other side of Swanston street and wander around in Flinders lane for a cup of coffee. Food here is also the one of the best in Melbourne. Here is also a very popular place for street art. The small size of Buddha head stickers can be found almost every wall in Flinders lane and they end up densely in the little alley along centre place. Do you find it familiar? Because you should already seen them in Hoiser lane. If you were a Buddhist, you would already recognize the Buddha very early on. What do you think? Maybe it’s disturbing because Buddha should be divine and only sits in a temple. For others, you will be interested in the reason why the anonymous artist would so something like this. A propaganda? Some type of ritual? Simply play with the religion? You keep thinking but might not come up with any idea. This is what makes the stickers so attractive: because the figure produces a sense of mystery and you just don’t get what is really behind the religion; it’s like you don’t know who is behind the stickers play jokes on your mind.