Stop 2: Princess Bridge

This second piece of Invader’s work is less obvious as it blends somewhat into its environment. Due to its inconspicuous nature and inaccessibility, it remains in good condition. This “Space Invader” bears a strong resemblance to a Pac-Man ghost.

This piece presents a contrast to the previous work, as it almost appears to be hiding from passers-by, yet it is still in plain sight. This is reflective of the artist himself, as although his name is well known, he always hides or pixelates his face in interviews and videos in order to hide his identity.

The work’s hidden nature is intensified by its eyes, that seem to face away from passers-by. The body holds a strong grey, which blends in with the bridge, yet its blue eyes give it away and appear to give it some form of ‘life’ within the environment, humanising aspects of technology.

These factors combined seem to bring these fictional, virtual characters into the physical or ‘real’ world. This is reinforced as they are touchable, made of durable tiles so that they are as permanent as possible.