Dessert: The Grace Café
[stage 3: important culture icon, part of live]

After filling up your belly with premium Wagyu beef burger, lets go for something sweet. We can walk through the rose street car park where all street art activities are legal. We are bringing you to see some beautiful graffiti created by female street artist with their delightful colors. Also don't miss out Dvate’ s master 3D shark piece inside the garage. Opposite the car park, there is a cafe with a warm- colored mural on its wall. This café is named Grace and is founded by a female entrepreneur called Jessica.

Like its name, café grace provides a quite comfortable dining place with homemade foods. Making people feel at home is how Jessica positioned the café, and that's also the reason for her to hire Adnite, a famous portrait artist to paint the wall for her. Artists such as Adnite, Dvate and Smug more like traditional artists who care more on their painting technique and some people might argue that they are not simply street artists. Jessica really appreciate those beautiful murals rather than Tags and random Graffiti , which is also a mainstream view towards street arts.

Interestingly, unlike Bother’s Burger, Jessica cares more on the atmosphere that street art can create rather than its advertising effect. “It’s more like my personal preference to have it on my walls. I haven’t thought much about advertising my café with the mural but it definitely helps to create a homely atmosphere there because that is part of our life. It’s definitely an important culture icon for the community.” It’s interesting to see how street art can even build up a homely feel with a harmony theme and milky color and its importance as part of people’s life here. So sit down and simply feel it with Grace’s seasonal fresh baked cakes. Just like the way you would do when you are at home.